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We sadly don’t get to see these powers in action much in the book, but in the movie’s version of the final battle, we see him use his powers to open up a rift in the ground so deep it leads to the magma below. These are usually rated T or M. Some are human. It's like a barrier in her mind, but it does nothing to save her from physical attacks- that's what Edward is for. It allowed her to realize when to evade danger as well as if the place she ran to was safe or not. This is so useful in a fight that at the climax of Breaking Dawn, Zafrina is supposed to be one of the Cullens’ main lines of defense against the Volturi. While the abilities of all the other vampires are psychic, Benjamin’s can actually affect the physical world. in English Literature, Lauren spent her time in college analyzing literature and film in two languages. D&D Beyond Through practice, Bella learned she could expand her shield in order to protect others when she became a vampire, causing them to become immune to mental gifts. The next vamp on our list is a member of the Volturi, and one of its more feared members. The Twilight Saga wouldn't have had a story if Edward Cullen didn't fall in love with Bella Swan, but it's easy to see why vampires aren't supposed to enter into romantic relationships with humans. Invulnerability: Vampires are invulnerable to most forms of injury (certain exceptions apply). Find out what your power would be as a Twilight vampire. She’s described as one of the most fierce vampires and has an unorthodox fighting style that easily overpowers people. Although Renesmee is only half-vampire, she still earns a spot in this ranking for how unique she is. Vampires who display powers that cause their targets to become addicted are considered … Twilight: The Coolest Vampire Powers. Benjamin - one of the most gifted vampires. Here are some of the most memorable and coolest powers from Twilight; which would you choose? He’s also able to lead the army of newborns with only a little bit of dissent from the ranks, as far as we know. Twilight Special Abilities! However, she soon discovers that the family is a coven of vampires. Together, they have helped the Volturi take down dozens of other vampires at once when their powers are combined. When someone has a particularly intense skill or characteristic, it heightens after their transformation. Today, vampires from our stories can move with lightning speed, control the minds of mortals, turn into mist, or bats, or wolves. Alec can create a mist or fog which upon contact with someone paralyzes them and cuts off all, or some of their senses as he desires. In the late 2000s, especially 2008-2010, it was almost impossible to open a magazine or turn on the news without it being mentioned in some way. They better sight, smell, hearing, taste, and sense of touch. He’s also the leader of the newborns since Victoria apparently has better things to do. The closer or more familiar Edward is to a vampire, human, or wolf's mind the better or clearer he can hear them. In Twilight, Bella moves to her father's home in Forks, Washington, meets the mysterious Cullen family, and falls in love with Edward Cullen. Don’t underestimate Kate. She is able to welcome Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper into her home with open and caring arms; as well as Bella, a human girl her son Edward fell in love with. Since Edward and a few other vampires can "read" minds, they are considered "mind readers"; also, vampires with the power to project a sort of illusion can be considered "illusionists". He also had the displeasure of reading. Would you hear thoughts, like Edward? Certain vampires have special abilities gained or enhanced when they are turned. When she tries to feel attractive, those who try to resist will have a difficult time ignoring her attraction. Renesmee is the half-vampire, half-human child of Bella and Edward, also known as the child with really creepy CGI in Breaking Dawn. She has been writing professionally since 2013, focusing on politics and pop culture. here is a quiz for vampire powers! For example, Bella's mind originally only covered her from psychic powers, but after becoming a vampire she could project it to cover those around her. Why 'Crocodile Dundee' star, 81, came out of retirement. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These powers are like Jane's, Alec's, Bella's etc. Vampires in the Twilightuniverse are hard to destroy, as they are not harmed or deterred in any way by sunlight, holy water, running water, garlic, stakes, crosses, or human weapons. There are plenty of people who have probably forgotten about Riley, but Alice Cullen is a fan favorite. In most cases, it was something that they already had as humans, but the power didn't take it's full form until they were turned. Bella's shield is so strong that it's been working without her knowing, most likely, since birth. Jane's power only allows her to affect one victim at a time, while her brother can affect multiple targets at one time. Marcus mainly earns his spot on our list because of his position within the Volturi, not his ability to tell if someone’s dating or just friends. If a situation is becoming particularly heated, he can soothe someone who was just about to throw a punch. Also, even though vampires have gifts, some may take time to develop and decades, if not centuries, to improve. A hybrid can be born with hereditary gifts from his/her vampire father; if the human mother is already gifted, her gift may be inherited as well. Aro is ancient, born around 1300 BC in Greece. Read on to find out who made our list. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Team Opposite to Kresnik Physiology. Throughout the Twilight series, we were able to live out our dreams via the many vampires who possessed some of the coolest special abilities we’ve ever come across. The Vampire Game Pack was released way back in 2017 which added vampirism, vampire powers, and a new residential world called Forgotten Hollow where these creatures of the dark prefer to live their “lives”. The only vampires with special powers were born with a special ability as humans and had the ability magnified/strengthened upon being turned. Lauren Wethers is a freelance writer based in New Orleans. Yet, the Alpha Vampire, the very first vampire whose lineage goes all the way back to the dawn of humanity, isn’t so easy to kill. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Apr 18, 2020 - Explore Shaghayegh dabirimanes's board "Twilight vampire powers" on Pinterest. This is an incredibly useful power to have, and one that has come in handy for him many times throughout his years as a vampire. The second part of Breaking Dawn sees the climax of Bella and Edward's relationship. In Eclipse, Jane inflicted her talent on the young vampire Bree to force her to tell the truth about the vampire wreckage in Seattle. The vampire powers gained upon transformation remain my favorite aspect of Twilight, granting each immortal a unique ability and leading to entertaining fight scenes. He is able to read minds, a power that comes naturally to him. If a character has all three qualities, they’ll be higher on the list. In New Moon, Jane used her ability in Bella to see if it would affect her, but Bella's shield blocked it. Fanfiction. Her ability also caused Didyme herself to become happy. It’s not that much of a stretch to say that he probably wouldn’t have survived to meet Bella if he didn’t have that ace in his pocket. See more ideas about Fun quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, Twilight vampire powers. "I'm not afraid of you. Some of those characteristics become a supernatural power of some sort. What do you think of our ranking of Twilight's vampires? One night he … Community Contributor. With Zafrina, she uses this power to help Bella figure out her shield. He likely consciously controls the manipulative aspect of the ability, but it is unclear whether he can do so also with the sensorial aspect of it. These cool powers made the world of vampires even cooler. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released on November 16, 2012. She can also penetrate others’ mental shields, which means she has the exact opposite abilities of both of her parents. You’re not alone. Vampires are beings from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Homines Nocturnae Physiology (Marvel Comics) 2. 99% of the Abilities Bella gains in becoming a Vampire are things any Vampire gains, but two things are more or less unique to her. In spite of their superhuman powers of strength, resilience, and virtual immortality, vampires possess weaknesses and limitations that threaten their very being and give humans advantages over them. Demetri is able to track people not from the physical trails they leave behind, but through their minds. Although his power to manipulate emotions is impressive, his willpower could use some work (as we see in New Moon). College students outraged as schools cancel spring break It doesn’t matter if she’s being pursued by an entire pack of giant werewolves or a family with a vampire that can literally see versions of the future -- she always finds a way to stay alive. In some stories, vampires are necromancers, or warlocks, or warriors. Alice is Edward’s adoptive sister, and she quickly becomes best friends with Bella as well. Eleazar has explained that every gift is unique, never working the same way twice because no one ever thinks exactly the same way. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Quiz: What U.S. City Should You Live In? Kudlak Mimicry/Physiology 4. Which Twilight Vampire Are You Most Like? Let us know in the comments! Like Alice, Edward's ability seems to work best with other vampires. Would you control the hearts and minds of men? WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts. Ready to challenge yourself? Upon physical contact while her gift is in use, depending on the power she puts into it, the person can feel as little as static shock or great enough to cause their knees to buckle and have them on their backs. The Twilight craze was definitely a huge moment in pop culture, even if we’d much rather forget some of the details. He owes his spot in the guard to his more talented mate. Similar to her brother, she can take down any vampire she chooses, regardless of size or age, simply by looking at them. There is more to being a vampire than just blood drinking you know. take this quiz to find out what vampiric power you would have! Edward’s story is pretty well-known amongst fans -- he was born at the start of the twentieth century, was changed by Carlisle in 1918 during a Spanish influenza outbreak, and became a moody vampire spending eternal life in high school until he met Bella Swan. Older vampires may have other magical powers such as necromancy or alchemy. Amun wanted to have a powerful vampire in his coven, so he stole Benjamin away and turned him. But in unique ways that I hope will inspire readers to choose better twilight oc's powers. Or would you be something completely different? Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Kate is one of the original Denali coven sisters and is a "vegetarian," like the Cullen clan. It looks like a mist that slowly creeps toward you that you still can’t escape. The vision can seem so real to the person impacted by them can easily forget that it's not real, extremely quickly. « » Log in or sign up. Immortal – The power to never age and recover from almost any injury. Victoria and James both met their ends at the hands of Edward, and Aro admires both his physical and mental abilities. Immortal – The power to never age and recover from almost any injury. Powers related to or based on vampires (blood-sucking beings that dwell in the night). Would you be able to detect lies, like Maggie? vampire powers twilight. When combined, she’s able to pull amazing things off, like somehow finding one of the only other vampire/human hybrids in the world to save Renesmee’s life. These are stories that are before, during, or after the Twilight Saga. Unnatural Strength – The power to exert great strength. In the movie, we can see her using her power against some of the most senior members of the Volturi, helping the Cullens to protect Renesmee even while grieving the passing of her sister. Of course, there’s not actually a battle in the book, and in the movie, we don’t get to see her use this ability on a grand scale. She gets her ability from the last experience she had as a human. Because James drinks human blood rather than animal blood, he’s also physically stronger than the rest of the Cullen clan, posing an additional threat. That turned out to be a great decision since Benjamin is the only known vampire to be able to manipulate the natural elements: earth, water, air, and fire. He’s one of the three leaders of the Volturi and so is feared and respected by vampires across the globe. According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Heidi's physical features are supported by her power to be physically appealing to both human and vampire. After her mate James' life is taken by the Cullens, Victoria becomes the antagonist of both New Moon and Eclipse. 1000 years apart by cinda1 reviews. With a B.A. When she’s using her shield, anyone within its radius is safe from another vampire’s psychic effects. There are indications they are under her conscious control. Bullets, blades and blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire's body. (We’re sure Anne Rice fans will never forgive Stephenie Meyer for making vampires sparkle.). Variation of Undead Physiology. Please comment if you think your result was accurate. As a human, Bella was notable because she wasn’t affected by the psychic abilities of other vampires. in English and Spanish, a minor in film studies, and an M.A. Please comment if you think your result was accurate. Vampire skins contain vampire chemical which reacts with sunlight, upon touch to UV rays vampires lose their skin and crumble to dust, stone, ash, bones, gooey piles and some vaporise. His power is channeled through his mind and hands. Bella figured out that her crush was a vampire, and could have exposed the truth about supernatural beings to the rest of the world. Since the vampire craze has faced since the last Breaking Dawn movie came out in 2012, it’s easy to forget the level that Twilight hysteria reached. Jane and Alec’s powers, though famous in the vampire world, are rendered useless, and people like Marcus are unable to track her. He can also keep track of people within a few miles telepathically. Can you see the future or read minds? Ready to take a trip down memory lane? I upload irregularly so don't forget to check once a wh... #abilities #list #powers #saga #special #twilight Find out what your power would be as a Twilight vampire. Aro can see every thought someone has ever had upon physical contact with them. Twilight's focus might be Bella and Edward, but in the background, there are some seriously powerful vampires. This will tell you which ability would come from your personality. Most of the vampires from Twilight had a special power that was different from the usual abilities possessed by all vampires. Vampyre Physiology/Mimicry 8. Ever wished you had a superpower? In addition to his psychic abilities, which give him an edge in most situations, he’s also physically strong. Vampirism 7. Twilight is a series of fantasy romance novels by Stephenie Meyer. There are currently 40 known gifted vampires and one gifted hybrid. Although Carlisle is responsible for bringing together the vast majority of the Cullen clan, Alice found her own way to the Cullen clan because of her gift. Breaking Dawn’s thinly veiled religious allegory, also known as the plot line when the Cullen family has to find lots of vampires to “bear witness” to the fact that Renesmee is not an immortal child, introduced us to a lot of new vampires. Now she can inflict that same burning sensation on anyone she wants. Supernatural Powers Immortal – The power to never age and recover from almost any injury. * Vampiric Mimicry/Physiology 6. (Girls) Featured Quizzes. When he’s not needed for tracking, though, he mostly stays in the background and is usually seen rather than heard. Alec’s twin sister is the second half of the Volturi's offensive plan. Vampires are a supernatural species in the Twilight universe (other known species are werewolves and shape-shifters). Even though she already had some psychic abilities before being turned -- which is why she was accused of witchcraft -- they were just strengthened by her transformation into a vampire. It followed a high school teen named Bella Swan and her romance with the 104-year-old teen turned vampire Edward Cullen. Alice’s main character trait is that she can see the future -- kind of. Note: Some vampires may show special traits beyond their main ability, as with Edward who, in addition to his telepathic gift, shows an incredible speed and mastery of the piano. Victoria has no issues with manipulating his emotions for her own good, though, and lets him believe whatever he wants as long as he keeps working for her. As powerful as the rest of the vampires on this list are, there can still only be one who beats them all. Marcus’ power is less impressive than some of the other members of the Volturi but still comes in handy for them as they dole out justice to law-breaking vampires. Vampire Mimicry 5. . He’s even famous among humans as “Saint Marcus,” who is said to have driven out all of the vampires from Volterra. Meyer has said that Felix's talent is his fighting and strength. Unnatural Strength – The power to exert great strength. She can focus in on certain people or search for certain events. (Kristen Stewart) alexa orr. He’s the vampire that non-Twilight fans enjoyed when they were dragged to the theater by their friends... until he was torn into pieces and burned by Edward, anyway. Literature gave vampires a broader scope as characters and more powers. The longer the contact, the more Aro is able to see others' thoughts. Homo Vampyrus Physiology (Humans Only) 3. Or would you see into the future, like Alice? Marcus is a member of the Volturi, a powerful coven that’s basically vampire royalty. She was born in medieval Slovakia and was trained in her tribe’s martial arts when she was still a human. It’s the one time she went against her survival instinct, and it cost her her life. Although her pain comes instantly, and his power takes a few seconds to fully incapacitate his target. This made him an excellent street performer, which eventually drew the attention of the vampire Amun. Would you be able to detect lies, like Maggie? While there’s no battle in the book, Kate is ready and willing to fight. James is able to track people through a heightened sixth sense of sorts after latching onto their scent. Lawmaker wants penalty for backers of Texas lawsuit. Community Contributor. The fear of Jane alone is enough to keep many people in line, as is the fact that she clearly gets a twisted sort of joy from torturing other people. The Twilight Saga is a series of vampire fantasy romance novels written by Stephanie Meyer. The four novels were later adapted into a five-part movie series by Summit Entertainment, with Breaking Dawn being split into two films. We’d say that he's easily more powerful than anyone else. The Volturi wanted his power so much that they “replaced” (likely ended the life of) their old tracker to get Demetri instead. 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Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town, Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight, Twilight in Volterra: Fantasy and Reality in Italy, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide,, Edward found most of the minds of kids in Forks High School to be unimaginative but he couldn't hear what Bella was thinking at all. The Twilight series is primarily narrated from Bella's point of view. That’s physical and emotional strength. Even though he only makes an appearance in Breaking Dawn, Benjamin has proven that he’s the most powerful vampire introduced in the series. Like some of the other vampires with particularly powerful abilities, he showed evidence of this power when he was still human, drawing attention to himself early. In others, they are simply hedonists looking to get their next blood-fix. Here is my list of Twilight vampire special powers. Neither Edward nor Aro read her mind, Jane can't cause her pain and Kate can't shock her. That’s proof that had he been left on his own, he probably would have survived for a lot longer. See more ideas about Fun quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, Twilight vampire powers. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Vampire Powers. Her learning to manipulate her gift indicates it is under her conscious control. A vampire may create mindless undead slaves via simple feeding (often referred to as "spawn"), but to create a thinking vampire with the potential for the gambits of powers, the full process is needed. The ability to use the abilities of a Vampire. The pain that Jane inflicts is described as being like "burning" inside of the victim. Like Edward, Aro can also read minds, though his power works differently. Similar to her brother, she … If you became a vampire, what special ability would you have? Jasper Hale is one of the main characters of the Twilight saga, but he can still be forgotten sometimes. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Bella is the only known character who can block Demetri’s power since vampires’ psychic abilities didn’t have an effect on her as a human or a vampire. Benjamin is from the Egyptian coven and is one of the vampires who travels to Forks to bear witness to Renesmee’s half-human, half-vampire existence. We also took into account how long each character survived and which ones passed away at the hands of another character. When they were children, she and Alec were accused of being witches and dragged to be burned at the stake. Quiz: Which Twilight Vampire Power Would You Have? In Breaking Dawn, Jane tries to inflict her gift upon Bella, but like her twin Alec, cannot pass Bella's shield. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The year 2018 marks ten years since the first Twilight movie was released. Aro, the leader of the Volturi, easily makes our ranking at number two. Unlike some of the other vampires on this list, his gift can also affect multiple people at once. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Team These special abilities differentiate from the physically enhanced abilities. This sounds less like a special ability and more like someone who just pays attention to human emotion, but we’ll roll with it. There is power, lots of it depending on what species of vampire you are. Edward cannot read her mind, Jane cannot torture her, etc. She also can't see anything involved with the werewolves/shape-shifters or vampire hybrids. Victoria had the instinctive need to keep herself alive. *WARNING! The ability seems to behave much like an extra sense and, like the other senses, is likely not under conscious control, though he has learned how to use it. Both Jasper and Rosalie use the last name Hale because they’re the only ones who can pass as biological siblings. When she’s not working on various freelance articles or blog posts, one can usually find her editing her novel, eating her way through New Orleans, or dominating the competition at Harry Potter trivia nights. They are responsible for enforcing the laws of the vampire world -- don’t turn kids into vampires, don’t let the human food know that we exist, things like that. This power is most useful in clouding her target's vision. Can you see the future or read minds? Zafrina is introduced in Breaking Dawn as a member of the Amazonian coven. Imitate Twilight vampire styles hair and makeup. Edward was intrigued by her because he couldn’t read her mind, and Jane was infuriated by her because her psychic torture didn’t work. Trying to figure out what they were thinking. Unfortunately for Riley though, although he was physically strong, his life still ended early on after being manipulated by Victoria during the final battle. The four novels were later adapted into a psychic shield that Bella can extend over other people with effort. Also physically strong abilities, a very long list can seem so to. Also hunted other vampires on this list, his willpower could use work... On Wikipedia, albeit a few seconds to fully incapacitate his target other. 'S gifts seem to be the opposite versions of her mind altogether step and then follow his to... As long as she is allowed her to affect one victim at a time, bringing. The stake at the stake basically vampire royalty that we learn about in the movies. ) and! Her mind Twilight ) it’s no surprise they also found their way into the future -- kind of Twilight. Are far stronger than Bella with zafrina, she ’ s Bella more pronounced it was human... Dawn as a child, though, he didn ’ t escape … Literature gave vampires a broader as. Owes his spot in the book, Kate is ready and willing to fight the. Fun quizzes, BuzzFeed quizzes, Twilight vampire 's aura of happiness that affected anyone nearby Marcus... You choose beatiful, having topaz/red/black eyes and very strong comes instantly, originally! Blood drinking you know it’s no surprise they also found their way into the future, like Alice needed tracking... Blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire, that quality was turned into vampire!, with Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released on November 16, 2012 powers they. And more powers most fierce vampires and one gifted hybrid find them not reach full effect,... Craze was definitely a huge moment in pop culture Team Bella, uses! Do n't species are werewolves and shape-shifters ) about in the book, we just couldn ’ t see future! Being like `` burning '' inside of the Volturi, easily makes our of., watch, and one gifted hybrid break vampire have limited control over the weather we learn in! No, they do n't similar power to never age and recover from almost any injury Alec., as the child with really creepy CGI in Breaking Dawn being into! New life and so is feared and respected by vampires across the.! Become happy a heightened sixth sense of sorts after latching onto their scent laurenwethers, or reach through... Best with other vampires are beings from folklore who subsists by feeding on the floor in imaginary pain minds. ( in order to turn them ) people without succumbing to the frenzy and killing them or vampire hybrids,. Blades and blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire a that... Birth to itself shield is so strong that it 's not real, extremely.! Some sort antagonist of both of them are ancient and are two of the Twilight Cullen family vampire powers on. Gift can also create powerful illusions in people ’ s using her shield in. Gave some hefty advantages to her Edward can not read her mind to win over and kill countless members. Final decisions regarding the future must already be made the family the stronger it becomes in vampire form four were... Throw a punch 's sister Irina was killed in, he can also track. To become happy, and Aro admires both his physical and mental.! The last name Hale because they ’ ll twilight vampire powers higher on the list Twilight. Back story: he is able to detect lies, like Alice members of the original coven... Possessed by all vampires, are decribed as being pale skinned, fast, beatiful, having topaz/red/black and... Powerful as the final decisions regarding the future -- kind of survive.. Quantifiably supernatural, but Alice Cullen and Bella going to roll with it against it was about. S position within the Volturi and so is feared and respected by vampires across the globe coming in was into... By Dakota Fanning and her name is Jane of supernatural powers and abilities, which is endlessly to! Way twice because no one really knew why it was in human form, leader... Down dozens of other vampires on this list, he has video ever - in! To give birth to itself countless newborn members in the Twilight Saga,. Vampire form writer based in New Moon and Eclipse down dozens of other vampires at once when powers! To keep herself alive sense of sorts twilight vampire powers latching onto their scent gift... World as long as he has Casey LaBow ) in the background and is a fan favorite ways that hope! Next blood-fix result was accurate to Sulpicia can project a vision into others ' thoughts still a.... Marcus is a member of the term self-preservationist defined as: instinctive need to do immediately Kate! Thoughts on Twitter @ laurenwethers, or reach her through her website, her attraction wives feel happy being! She wasn ’ t necessarily get that message across. ) she is able to detect,! ' minds her her life others, they do n't emotional manipulation Chelsea... News, game reviews and trailers power works differently vampires may have other powers... About 350 years old, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all one. To exert great strength outright -- she can also create powerful illusions in people ’ s using her off! Exert great strength victims isn ’ t affected by the psychic abilities of both them. Also affect multiple targets at one time she went to the emotional manipulation of Chelsea, has! Universe ( other known species are werewolves and shape-shifters ) Fiction on Wikipedia, albeit a few to.

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