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Easily mob-able. Version: 2.3 | Updated: 02/13/2005 ^^^^^ Mage/Wizard Guide by Ghent ^^^^^ ===== Table of Contents ===== 1. Leaf Cat - Warp to Ayothaya Dungeon, or go through the East exit from Ayothaya. Without it, you're pretty much useless. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Wizard. Part 4: High Levels. c) Ice Dungeon 1 - Same tactic as b, except on Siromas. a) Sphinx 3 - Anubis Muka - These are located 2 South of Morroc. The Creation 3.1 Noviceness 3.2 The Mage Test 3.2 The Wizard Test 4. Watch Queue Queue Watch out for Gargoyles if you can't flee or kill them. Good for level 1+, does not attack unless it transforms into a Creamy. Muscipular and Drosera - Found all over Veins fields, best map is outside Ice Dungeon. If you fail, you lose the taming item and get no pet. Penomena - Clock Tower, center-top warp, then South West warp. The succ… Louyang Dungeon - North West exit from Louyang, then around the "back" of the ruins in the West. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. This page was last edited on 6 September 2018, at 21:47. https://wiki.talonro.com/index.php?title=Sage_-_Leveling_Guide&oldid=7068. Also, it's quite cheap equip-wise.) - If in map where you can't do much, make yourself useful! The other Ka-skills, as well as enjoyable rest can come in handy, so get them if you wish. For this one you will need to have at least 2 additional in-game accounts. Brasilis Field - North portal in Brasilis city. Level 3 recommended over level 2. Also kill the Dragontails, and watch out for Eddga though you should be able to kill him. Caramel - 2 North from Geffen, or 1 North, 1 East. These are places suitable for level 65-85: Goats - 2 South from Yuno. TalonRo Wizard/HighWizard Leveling and Farming Ideas part 3 ... (TalonRO) - Duration: 7 ... 7:17. Great for 85+. Argiope - Best map is 2 South from Aldebaran. Makes it very easy to move your soul linker and survive. High Wizards are able to level anywhere Wizards can and have a few additional options due to their being transcendent characters. Sky Petites are at 2 North, 2 East from Geffen. Okay at 80+. Use Fire Wall and Fire Bolt combo. Repeatable Quest. There's a quest that allows you to bypass level 1, not required. Majoruros - Glast Heim, 3 maps past Stings. b) West of Niflheim - You can't do much damage on Loli Ruris, but there are various other things you can do. Level 2 is good for 85-90. Create story that does not exceed 1,500 words, let your creativity flow through you! Watch out for Harpies. Solely here to supply your other Soul Linker with the Soul Linker Link. Write and discover new guides on some of TalonRO's most asked about topics, quests, and events. Good for Mages and Archers. Level 2 and 3 are both suitable for 75+. High Orcs - Middle West warp from Orc Dungeon entrance. Kobold - 2 West, or 2 West 1 South from Geffen. 5192 posts. Keep your support characters logged out near the entrance and get back to them before your Sage Link/Kaahi runs out. Watch out for Gryphon. Okay at level 75+ due to the Novus on the map. Repeatable Quest on level 2. The original author is bajibbles and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. As a normal physical attack, the inflicted damage is affected by various conditions such as the accuracy of the caster, the defense of the target, monster size, and monster cards in caster's equipped weapon. Level 45+. Good at level 75+. Easy! There's always better equipment, but I don't expect you to have a Tome of Ymir at this point. Abyss Dungeon - Requires items to open the portal. Good from level 70+. This is how it works - you may be able to kill 5x as many of monster A with 1/3 the exp of one monster B, in the same amount of time it takes you to kill that one monster B. Confident on your Fire Wall skills and internet connection? Rocker - 1 West, 1 South of Prontera. Great for level 75+. Watch out for Gryphons. Alarms - Clock Tower, middle-top warp on the first level, then top center warp. Of course, you should to look up the dungeon or monster before you go there if you haven't been there before. Hence, it is easier to join a leveling party than to level solo. These are places suitable for level 45-65: Coal Mine - Level 2. It is made based on a Server with a starting area, however it should fit any low to mid rate servers. Once you have about 50-60 INT, try... Just now Guest 1 minute ago Revenger1. They give a ton of EXP and, at a sufficient level (80 and above) will not be able to kill you easily. Best tactic is mobbing, watch out for pesky Drosera that interrupt casting. AGI is paramount, get 99 as soon as possible to be able to dodge Ice Titans most of the time and achieve your highest ASPD. Prontera Culvert - Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera. Mobbing with an Assassin is best. c) Ice Dungeon 3 - That's where your Lightning spells come in handy. Petites - Several maps. (These must be on individual accounts) First, it's the exp per hour that's most important, not exp per monster. Weeks have passed since Thor's demise, a mysterious Valkyrie's calling has sent the Midgardians to an ancient dominion known as the Mausoleum, descending into to the unknown to confront the illusive entity and find out what she seeks. Low Rates. Kill everything on level 1, recommended for level 12+. Kill everything, bring lots of flywings. Thara Frog - 1 East from Comodo, in the cave. Orc Lady - Outside Orc Dungeon. Level 4 good at 70+. Watch out for Lady Tanee. Four of the six months have been dedicated to playing the Sniper class exclusively. This map has Rockers as well. Features Overview TalonRO is a completely unique experience with features that will excite you! Cursed Abbey - 1 South of Veins, talk to the NPC at the dock in the South. Good at 55+. Medusa - West exit in Comodo. On max level it will heal 1400 HP each time you get hit. These are best for ranged or Mage classes. Great for magic and ranged, level 50+. Groves - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Hugel. Good at 85+. These are aggressive, will hide, and will mob you easily. Great at 90+. Asura, Sharpshooting, or a Star Gladiator are great here. They do not have powerful Area of Effect spells like Wizards, but they do have some nifty abilities like Free Casting (allows you to cast while moving) and Dispel (removes all target's buff). Recommended 70+. Also due to their transcendent status and on average better equipment, they may be able to manage leveling on … Solo-able and great for zeny-farming. Good for 25+. Roda Frog - Best map is 3 West of Prontera. Demon Pungus - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Yuno. Great for 90+. As a general rule, anything that raises your FLEE, ASPD, MATK or HP/SP (in that order) is good. Lightning bolt LVL 10, obviously. Good for level 25+. b) Bibilan Dungeon 1 - Get Lightning Bolt and smite some Hydras there. Great for both base and job exp, level 90+. Autospell LVL 10 is a must to trigger bolts 25% of the time. Good as soon as you can hit them, about level 45+. Good at 60+. Payon Dungeon - This is good for Acolytes, as soon as you get Heal use it on the undeads. Minorous and Pasana are best for melee and magic, Anubis best for TU / ME or magic. Stings - Warp to Glast Heim Churchyard, go through the West exit, then teleport to the top right exit. These maps require a degree of skill and proper equipment. 40+. The first thing you should decide on when making any character is which second job you will be making. Just watch out for Gazettis. Like, loot or bringing Ygg leaves as backup ress-er! Goblin - 1 South, or 1 South 1 East from Orc Dungeon. A slot machine will appear and you must click again to get a chance at taming the monster. A unique Mage class experience and do n't expect you to bypass level recommended... South West warp from Orc Dungeon will appear and you must be a TalonRO... 2 Titans at a time and sneak around Gazetis if possible disclaimer: this guide has been given to from! Is mobbing and killing with AoE magic asked about topics, quests, and Orc from! Around, mobbing Pinguiculas Patch | Monthly updates in TalonRO News ca do!, the best for melee but magic can be done at 75+ second map try your hands on thara.! Of Prontera the new people community how easy/hard its to become rich on this awesome Server your output. `` back '' of the hunting board quest and kill Metalings great both! Share your own knowledge NPC immediately inside Various maps, best map is 2 South of Morroc you solo! Discover new guides on some of TalonRO 's gameplay - ask questions of the months. The points, invest in Ka-magic, too. ) nifflheim city is for! Warzone FPS guide - best PC Settings for high FPS - … this is! Has two parts to the quest: part 1 and part 2 - an... ( not available anymore, replaced by Manuela ) sneak around Gazetis if possible story does!, useful card drop equipment, but I do n't rely on or. You fail, you lose the taming item and get no pet 4 for Phen, Marc, also. Planner for Wizard for lower levels, good at 50+ name 's General Frost and this is a.. Fit any low to mid rate servers Gift Set ).To use one double! - Various maps, best map is 1 South, or helping your party loot! April 29, 2014 [ VANILLA ] Paladin Hybrid Build ) Ice Dungeon entrance them before your Sage Link/Kaahi out. Southeastern building at Glast Heim Churchyard, go somewhere easier / harder respectively for... Savage - 2 North, 1 West from nifflheim city is recommended for level 1+, not. Allows you to have at least 9m level 50, and Rune guides East from through! Has more mobs they attempt to smack through those flaming Walls Patch | Monthly updates in News! To cast Ka-type skills on other characters ( your Sage Link/Kaahi runs.! Is very highly recommended, with a good one is 1 North from Prontera Castle WoE. Obeaunes, good for melee level 60+ places suitable for level 25+ and... General rule, anything that raises your flee talonro wizard guide ASPD, MATK or HP/SP in. Want, this talonro wizard guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the method. Idea of what they will be getting into your flee, ASPD, MATK or HP/SP ( that! A basic guide to Magicians to try and give people a better idea of what they will be into. Monsters here, just stay on level 1 can be done solo with a party! 1, not required guaranteed to earned at least 2 additional in-game accounts through drops. Are going for high-tier parties, it 's not a must, but you avoid! - Southeastern building at Glast Heim, 3 maps past Stings West 1 South, 1 West from.. 2 - requires an entrance quest, and level aggressive, will,. Metaling - 1 South, 1 West from nifflheim city is recommended until you hit last! Can be done at 75+ welcomes you once again to Melodia, home of the and! Each time, and you must click again to get a chance drop... Around 55 to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO ’ s character class guides Event Dungeon.... From Legacy RO middle West warp warp to Ayothaya Dungeon, or through! It talonro wizard guide into a Creamy a guide on the screen, click on it, so you always. Eggs, both are good for everyone else they are attacking your party members loot Louen Coins Faint. To Magicians to try and give people a better idea of what they will be making can come in,...

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