White Lobster – your digital coupon solution is a free app to provide you with digital coupons from your favorite local merchants.

Boost your business with White Lobster!  As a business owner, you can engage with your customers like you have never did before.  With White Lobster you might have the chance to multiple coupons to your customers and surprise them every time with a different offer.


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5 Reasons to Add Digital Coupons to Your Marketing Strategy

1. Increase customer engagement.

2. Increase overall sales.

3. Lower carbon footprint.

4. Analyze the sales transaction.

5. Reduce cost from printing coupons.

Measurable Success!

1. Tailor your budget to a specific campaign.

2. Get specific ROI with each campaign.

3. Measure campaign results with analytics.

4. Know how many people redeemed, did not redeem.

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White Lobster has powerful yet easy-to-use features which enable you to have creative mobile user engagement in an easy and quick manner! We have a variety of features such as Single Use Coupons, Countdown Timers, SMS & Email integration, Vouchers, Timed Coupons, Gamified Coupons, Flexible Barcode Formats, Reporting & Analytics.

Smartphones are everywhere: Your customers will never lose a coupon again. They are always on, always with us and always connected.

Coupon Drives Decisions: 3 out 4 consumers say that coupons availability affects their purchase decisions.

Customer Crave Coupons: 65% of people make shopping decisions based on coupons, while 94% say that’s the most important amenity at a shop.

Increases Spend: 50% of small businesses in the US said that customers spent more money when coupons became available.

With White Lobster you can create coupons that achieve results. We provide you with provides all the capabilities to have a successful business!

White Lobster allows you as a business owner to benefit from different campaigns tactics:

  • Social Media marketing
  • SMS/Mobile Messaging Marketing
  • Wi-Fi marketing
  • Proximity marketing
  • Mobile App Coupon directory

We can help you select the right one for your business and for your long term strategies. 

You have an option to get a monthly or an annual subscription. The cost varies depending on the number of coupons and campaigns which you want to run simultaneously. To know more, please contact us on or call us on 902-700-9146

White Lobster – your digital coupon solution is a free app to provide you with digital coupons from your favorite local merchants.

Every day is a new day with White Lobster! On every new visit to White Lobster you might have the chance to get a new discount from your merchants.

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